Baninver Patrimonio SICAV

Baninver Patrimonio SICAV S.A.

Fund description

  • Fund name: Baninver Patrimonio SICAV S.A.
  • Manager: Novo Banco Gestión SGIIC
  • Advisor: ACCI Capital Investments SGIIC
  • Custodian: Novo Banco S.A.
  • Risk Scale: 4, out of 7
  • ISIN: ES0110223031
  • Bloomberg Ticker: S3427 SM Equity
  • Currency: EUR
  • Liquidity: Daily
  • Regulatory Authority: CNMV
  • Management Fee: 1.50%
  • Performance Fee: 10%

Objective of the fund

To provide an attractive return on invested capital, seeking to limit volatility and drawdowns through a medium risk multi-asset class and a long term total return strategy.

Risk averse investors could benefit from a globally diversified portfolio participating in upwards trending equity markets, without having total exposure to them.

Investment Strategy

The strategy's aim is to always hold a balanced diversified portfolio according to the financial outlook.

The strategy achieves this by actively managing the allocation and equity exposure of the portfolio, while never holding more than 50% in equities and going completely out of the equity market when the outlook deteriorates significantly.

To secure objectivity, reliability and speed in the decision-making process we supplement our qualitative analysis with behavioral finance-driven decision support algorithms.

The SICAV is always fully invested in ETFs.

Factsheet SEPTEMBER 2020