ACCI Dynamic - Systematic Equity Allocation

ACCI Dynamic - Systematic Equity Allocation

Fund description

  • Fund name: Incometric Fund - ACCI Dynamic – SA
  • Jurisdiction: Luxembourg
  • Regulatory framework: UCITS
  • Liquidity: Dialy
  • Investment horizon: 3 – 5 years
  • Target return: 1Y Libor + 5% - 7% p.a.
  • Investment manager: ACCI Capital Investments SGIIC SA
  • Administrator: ADEPA Luxembourg
  • Custodian: KBL Luxembourg
  • Auditor: BDO
  • Share-class: A1
  • Minimum Investment: 500,000
  • Management fee: 1,10% p.a.
  • Performance fee: 20% (above Libor + 5%) p.a.
  • Currency:
    • USD: (A1) LU1913291479
    • EUR: (B1) LU1913291636
  • Share-class: A2
  • Minimum Investment: 1,000
  • Management fee: 2,20% p.a.
  • Performance fee: 20% (above Libor + 5%) p.a.
  • Currency:
    • USD: (A2) LU1913291552
    • EUR: (B2) LU1913291719

Objective of the fund

The aim and goal of the fund is long term total return, specified as outperforming a balance benchmark with 67% equities and 33% bonds on a 3-year horizon and to outperform MSCI world across the full business cycle, typically 5-7 years.

Investment Strategy

The fund is a systematically managed multi asset portfolio dynamically shifting its equity allocation from zero to 100%.

It will be holding close to 100% in equities most of the time. However, when the market outlook deteriorates, this equity allocation will be reduced and, in cases of a very negative outlook, it may reach zero exposure to equities.

When equities are reduced, the balance of the portfolio is invested in fixed income instruments.

By systematically reducing the equity weight when the outlook for financial markets deteriorates, we seek to limit volatility and drawdowns and thereby have lower starting points for building the equity portfolio when equity markets resume their upwards trend. 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2015-16 are recent examples.

The fund is always fully invested in ETFs.

Factsheet JANUARY 2023