Fund description

  • Fund name: Adamantium, FI
  • Jurisdiction: Spain
  • Regularity framework: UCITS
  • Liquidity: Daily
  • Investment horizon: 3 – 5 years
  • Target return: 1Y Libor + 7% p.a.
  • Investment manager: ACCI Capital Investments SGIIC SA
  • Administrator: ADEPA Spain
  • Custodian: Bankinter SA
  • Auditor: BDO


  • Minimum Investment: 1.500
  • Management fee: 1% p.a.
  • Performance fee: 1% p.a.
  • Currency:
    • EUR: (A)ES01059959003
  • (Share-class closed)


  • Minimum Investment: 1 Participation
  • Management fee: 1.35% p.a.
  • Performance fee: 9% p.a.
  • Currency:
    • EUR: (B) ES0105959011


  • Minimum Investment: 1 Participation
  • Management fee: 1.80% p.a.
  • Performance fee: 0% p.a.
  • Currency:
    • EUR: (C) ES0105959029


  • Minimum Investment: 600.000
  • Management fee: 1.35% p.a.
  • Performance fee: 0% p.a.
  • Currency:
    • EUR: (D) ES0105959037

Objective of the fund

The fund's primary objective is to achieve long-term capital appreciation through a strategy of building a portfolio of between 20 and 50 positions with a focus on fundamental analysis of companies across their entire capital structure. It is a flexible and dynamic global fund, enabling investment of between 0% and 100% of total exposure in both equities and fixed income assets, public or private.

Investment Strategy

Adamantium, FI is a global dynamic allocation fund, with a strategy based on the fundamental analysis of the companies in their entire capital structure, aiming at a portfolio of 20 to 55 positions with a total exposure of 0% - 100% in equities and/or fixed income instruments.

The strategy in the search for value is focused on four blocks:

  1. 1. Quality Growth: Combination of quality and growth, strong management team, strong balance sheet, operating in a growing market, with potential to increase market share and maintain pricing power.
  2. 2. Growth: High growth rate, generating profits or in a proximal phase of achieving those. High capabilities of reinvestment in the business.
  3. 3. Special Situations.
  4. 4. Top-Down investment opportunities. Analysis of the evolution - within the economic cycle - of the different productive sectors in which the companies operate.

Factsheet JUNE 2021


Factsheet II