BlueBox Precision Medicine

BlueBox Precision Medicine

Fund description

  • Fund name: Bluebox Precision Medicine
  • Jurisdiction: Luxembourg
  • Regulatory framework: SICAV
  • Liquidity: Dialy
  • Manager: Mark Dainty
  • Custodian: Northern Trust
  • Auditor: PwC
  • Share-class: C
  • Minimum Investment: $1,000
  • Annual management fee: 2.2%
  • Start date: -
  • Currency:
    • USD: (C) LU2519374511
    • EUR: (C) LU2519374354
  • Share-class: A
  • Minimum Investment: $10,000
  • Annual management fee: 1.5%
  • Start date: 13 Jun 2023
  • Currency:
    • USD: (A) LU2519372499
    • EUR: (A) LU2519375161
  • Share-class: I
  • Minimum Investment: $150,000
  • Annual management fee: 1.0%
  • Start date: -
  • Currency:
    • USD: (I) LU2519373547
    • EUR: (I) LU2519373380

Objective of the fund

The main objective of the Fund is to seek long-term capital growth by investing mainly in shares of companies that have their principal business in the pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and life science sectors, or profiting from them. The Fund invests globally, is actively managed and is not benchmark constrained.

Investment Strategy

Precision Medicine is a transformational change in what humanity can do to improve people’s lives. It is a more targeted approach to medicine than the one–size-fits-all methods of the last 100+ years. It exists at the intersection of major advances in genomics, biotechnology, chemistry, molecular biology and computing power. It enables scientists to understand the underlying biological driers of an increasing number of diseases.